Little Rock, Arkansas Engagement Session | Clinton Presidential Center | Shelby & J.F

Shelby and JF were the other couple who won a free engagement session from a giveaway that I did back a few months ago. As the day that we had scheduled for their engagement session came, it was looking more and more like it was going to rain. And it did rain. It rained as we got to the Clinton Presidential Center (we waited in our cars for it to stop), then it rained as we drove to the second location...conveniently stopping just as we parked and they got their outfits changed....then it rained AGAIN just as we were finishing up for the evening and heading home. Talk about dramatic! But through it all, Shelby and JF were so sweet, so happy and seriously the most down to earth couple ever. Can't you just tell by the photos how in love they are! They never panicked over the weather and instead just trusted me that despite the rain, we would still be able to get great photos, and I think we really did! So thanks again to Shelby and JF, and congratulations on your engagement!