Orchard Bridal Session | Central Arkansas | Inspiration Photoshoot

Imagine if you could have a perfect day at work. Like, if everything about your day fell perfectly into place, and you just ended the day thinking to yourself, "YES! THIS is why I do this!" 

That's what these "styled-shoots" are to me. It's literally me thinking about how to create something beautiful, and UNIQUE (if there is such a thing?), and JUST FOR FUN. It leaves me feeling inspired, and reminds me why I really do LOVE my job.

I threw every detail of this inspiration shoot together on Friday afternoon. As of about 2pm Friday I did not have a model, or a dress, or a bouquet, but by 5pm Saturday it all finally came together perfectly! I have been wanting to shoot at this location during its blooming season for SO LONG and I'm so happy it finally worked out. I'm in love with how these turned out, so if you love them too, leave me a comment and let me know.

And I cant end this without a HUGE SHOUT OUT to the vendors who were willing to work with me last minute: Cathy's Flowers and Events, Danielle's Bridal... Y'all the real MVP. Also, feel free to gush on my model, Linley, in the comments too, isn't she gorgeous?!