Arkansas State Capitol | Bridal Portraits | Little Rock, Arkansas | Jessica Elrod

Jessica's bridal portraits are finally here on the blog! The number one hardest part of my job is having gorgeous photos that a client loves....and NOT BEING ABLE TO SHARE THEM for extended periods of time. That was certainly the case with these photos. I knew while we were shooting these that Jessica was going to love them, and that just always makes the time that we can't post them that much more difficult! 

I love bridal sessions so, so much. Aside from actual wedding days, they are my very favorite thing to photograph. Its the first time the bride is seeing her whole wedding day look come together, first time seeing what her beautiful flowers will look like and how all of the colors shes picked will come together. Bridal sessions are ALWAYS laid back, fun, and they really make women feel beautiful and amp up the excitement for their wedding! So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorites from Jessica's beautiful bridal session: