What to Wear to Your Engagement Session


Y'all- I made almost this exact same blog post about 2 years ago and it kinda exploded over on Pinterest. It has been viewed and re-pinned literally THOUSANDS of times, and I'm not exaggerating! But a lot has changed since that original post. Today, I'm tweaking some of my previous advice. Not that any of that advice was bad, but my perspective has changed a little and I thought the post could use a little update! So here we go:

1. The colors you choose to wear will set the tone for how your photos look and feel, so choose them wisely. 

It makes total sense when you think about it. If you want "light and airy" engagement photos, you should wear light and airy colors. Colors like cool grays, soft blues, pastel pink, khaki, beige, etc give a much more airy feel than darker colors. 

The flip side of that is that if you want a more "moody" feel to your photos, wear darker earth tone colors. Colors like maroon, black, dark grays, brown, hunter green, etc have a deeper, moodier, darker feel and thus your photos will give off that feeling. And I love both! But it is something to keep in mind when planning what to wear. 

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2. Always bring an extra outfit.

I cant stress this enough! You only get engagement pictures taken once, and you just don't want them all to look the same! It may seem silly to bring a change of clothes, but aside from your wedding photos, your engagement photos may be the last time that you and your fiancé have professional pictures taken together for a long time, and you'll want some variety! I always suggest one casual outfit for both of you to start in, then you can both change into something a little more dressy. If you're feeling really fancy-- you CAN forego the casual outfit altogether and do TWO dressy outfits, but most couples like one outfit of each kind. 

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3. Small details matter.

Ya know that saying, "the devil's in the details"? It's true. The little things really do matter when having professional pictures taken. Things like having your engagement ring cleaned and sparkling. And, I'm not saying you have to go out and spend a ton of money of a manicure, but I AM SAYING you should have your nails clean, polished, and NOT have chipped polished or painted any crazy or off-the-wall color. 

Also, let's talk about spray tans. Who doesn't love a good spray tan??? Well, believe it or not- your photographer probably doesn't. Sticking with your somewhat pale skin is actually usually better than a spray tan UNLESS you really are able to achieve a very subtle color, because girlfriend, ORANGE isn't a good complexion color on anyone. 

And we can't NOT talk about hair and makeup, right? My advice? Have yours done professionally. I know it's an extra expense, and if it just isn't in your budget to do so, then practice exactly how you're going to do your own hair and makeup a few days before your session. If you're going to do it yourself and you go through with the practice run on yourself like I suggest, have someone you trust tell your what they think about it, if you should make any changes, and then have them take your picture IN NATURAL LIGHT so you can see what it looks like on camera, and not just as a reflection in your mirror. 

what to wear to engagement session

4. Just have fun!

99% of the couples I have photographed have started out worried that they are going to be awkward, look silly, etc. So, the good news is that if you are thinking those thoughts- you're not alone! Any good photographer will be able to get you "warmed up" and feeling comfortable within a few minutes and before long you REALLLLLY will see there was never anything to get worked up about. And the more open minded you can go into your session, and the more excited and less worried you are, the better you will look and feel in your photos. By the end of every engagement session almost every guy always ends up saying things like, "that wasn't that bad!" or, "that was actually pretty fun!", or "thats it, we're done already?" because engagement sessions really ARE FUN and a great way to celebrate and document the short period of your new lives together as an engaged couple!

I hope all of these tips help all of you out there that feel like you needed a bit of tips and tricks and encouragement! If you read this and have anymore specific questions you'd like answered, feel free to leave a comment below and I can answer it there, or as always you can shoot me a quick email!