Personal Post: What we've been up to recently | Summer 2017|

Ok, ok, ok. I've been sitting on this post for approximately forever, but here I finally am. Generally, when I put together a blog post, I will sit down at my computer and write it, then when I get the photos edited I'll upload them, add them to the post, then hit publish. In this case, Ive had these photos done for some time, I just hadn't put any words to them yet. So here I am, and here's what we've been up to this summer:



I'm going to start with Hazel. Her birthday was in June and technically she turned 6, but...lets be real, she's more like 14. She is sassy. She is outgoing. She is independent. And she is so much like her dad, and so much UNlike me that I'm not really sure I can even take any credit for who she's becoming. She's also whip-smart (maybe thats what she gets from me?), hilarious, and just started 1st grade. She's about to start gymnastics and soccer again, and if you ask her these days, she's pretty sure she going to the olympics for both sports. That is, of course, if she's not completely running the world by that point. She is special, and unique, and she is going places...whether you want her to or not. 


Bear is 3! He just started preschool and he is so excited about it! It was definitely time for he and I both to start gaining a little more independence and socialization. He goes one day a week and gets to play with friends at "school", and I get to do...whatever I need to do. Bear is so fun right now. It's no secret that he has always been our most difficult child to parent to date, but AS FOR NOW, things are looking up. I think the more he is able to communicate what he wants, the happier we all are. He has really become this little person that we all enjoy, he makes us laugh, and he continues to be the most loving, cuddly little Bear you could ever hope to meet. 

Smiley Riley

You guys. Its hard for me to talk about Riley without absolutely bursting into a weeping, slobbering mess. There is a lump in my throat as I sit here and just think/type this out. I guess at this point, I get emotional talking about her because while I feel like Hazel and Bear have sort of been in the same "stage" of life for awhile, but things with Riley are changing RAPIDLY. She is not a little girl. Nope. Not at all. She doesn't look like a little girl, this is her last year before the teenage years officially hit, and I feel like my time with her is just slipping through my hands. For instance: she'll be old enough to go to college and move out in 6 years. Let that sink in for a minute. She and I recently took a road trip to Omaha, Nebraska to see her current fave (re:boy crush), Shawn Mendes in concert for her birthday day, and it was honestly probably the 5th best day of my life. She deserved to be loved on, made to feel special, and CELEBRATED, and I am forever grateful that I was able to do those things for her. 

Other than that, things around here have actually been pretty calm recently. We enjoyed a week at the beach earlier this summer, school has obviously started, and with that certainly comes a fair amount of chaos, but its the good kind. The kind that makes you feel at home. Stephen is on a some-what normal schedule for the time being, my fall wedding season kicks off pretty soon, and so for now, we're all just doing life the best way that we know how.