Ethereal Waterfall Bride | Bridal Inspiration Photoshoot

When Brianna, the brilliant and oh-so-talented makeup artist behind Bri-Beautiful: Makeup by Bri Riley approached me earlier this summer about wanting to put together a photoshoot "just because", I responded with an immediate "YES". It had been awhile since we last collaborated, and I haven't been shooting much for myself or just for the sake of creativity lately, so to say I was excited was an understatement.

We tossed around several different ideas, did a little searching for inspiration, and finally settled on a location and had an overall "feel" for how we wanted the final product to look. We knew almost immediately we'd have to actually buy a dress this time because whoever was going to model for us was DEFINITELY going to be getting in the water at some point. So once we had our dream location picked out, we purchased the perfect dress, found an INCREDDDDDDDIBLE model, ordered the bouquet--the rest is history. 

I really just can't even say enough about our model Tabitha Taylor. She's an absolute QUEEN, y'all. I swear, you would have thought modeling was a full-time gig for this girl! She was fun, genuinely happy to be there, absolutely GORGEOUS, and has the PERFECT amount of confidence that shines through the camera. Seriously-- so, so grateful to her for being "all-in" through the entire session and being totally down for whatever crazy things I asked her to do. 

AHH! ok so without further ado, our Ethereal Waterfall Bride project! I hope you all love these photos as much as I do! 

Makeup: Bri Riley

Model: Tabitha Taylor


Florist: Cathy's Flowers and Events