Mr & Mrs Edwards: The Wedding | Southern Charm Under The Magnolia Tree |

Jill and Bob's wedding day started with me racing to Target AND Kohl's to buy as many clear umbrellas as I possibly could, because rain seemed inevitable. As usual though, whatever the weather is "supposed to do", it did the opposite, and THANK GOODNESS because the entire day was planned to be outside. Luckily for Jill and Bob the weather did hold off, and the entire day was sunny and beautiful. Their ceremony was held under the biggest magnolia tree I have ever seen IN MY LIFE. Seriously, I was expecting Joanna Gaines to jump out at any second, and if she had, even she would have been awestruck over this giant beauty. Aside from the wondrous tree, there was also the Arkansas River as another backdrop, and while the river itself wasn't necessarily pretty, the cliffs the met the river bank were absolutely stunning! OH--and then there was the pecan orchard! Gah, it really was the best location, ever!

All in all, the whole day was really just perfect. When I think back to their wedding and the colors they chose, and the location, it all just reminds me of "southern charm". Between the magnolias and the hydrangeas, the sweet as pie bride, and an absolute abundance of the kindest and warmest friends and family--you just can't get much more southern than that! Thank you again to Jill and Bob and your families for choosing me to be a part of such an important day, and I wish you two nothing but the very best!!