Mr & Mrs Fields: The Wedding | Clarksville, Arkansas

Lauren and Mike Fields were married not even two weeks ago at The Barn at Sleepy Hollow in Clarksville, Arkansas. It was a perfect warm, but not too warm spring day. The light, minty green and peachy pink colors that Lauren chose for their big day were the absolute perfect colors, and as pretty as the whole day truly was, it was also SO much more than just a pretty wedding. 

Prior to arriving on that Saturday, Lauren had asked me to remember to get a few pictures inparticular that were important to her: she wanted a really great picture of her and her dad, and one with her with her grandmother. When she told me this, her eyes welled up with tears, her throat tightened, and I knew: this was important.

Later, Lauren and Mike exchanged letters that they had written to each other, which were from my understanding, essentially their vows. It was difficult for me to not get emotional watching these two read these letters--AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE LETTERS SAID! And I have said this before, but I will keep saying it because it will always, always be true for me: if my brides and grooms wash each others' feet during their ceremony, I WILL BE CRYING. I can't help it. It's just SO powerful. It's humbling. It's selfless. It's spiritual...It's everything good that a couple can hope to find in a marriage partner, and so for me, witnessing this act during a wedding ceremony will forever be impactful to see, and to document for them. 

So, thank you again to Lauren and Mike, who may or may not still be in Costa Rica on their incredible honeymoon! I hope that these photos are everything you could ever need or want to help you remember your perfect wedding day!