Little Rock, Arkansas Bridal Portraits| Goodwin Manor

The crisp wind on February 25th was not unseasonably cold, but it felt piercing, nonetheless. We had become accustomed to the 75 degree days in such a short amount of time that anything less on that early spring day just felt, well, rude. Regardless of the coolness of that afternoon, there is a warmth about Ashley and her family that is contagious. She brought along her mother and grandparents to her Goodwin Manor bridal session and the excitement and energy for her and Mikel's upcoming wedding was tangible. A special 'thanks' goes out to Andrea Goodwin, owner of Goodwin Manor for always being so kind and welcoming and for obviously providing Little Rock with a such stunning venue. If anyone viewing this session is able to pull it up on a desktop instead of a mobile device, YOU SHOULD. Ashley, the venue, her gorgeous bouquet and all of the details that made this session so great really should be viewed on the largest screen available to you because it is BREATHTAKING.