Kaylynn + Kyle: Russellville, AR Engagement Session

Whew! Y'all, last fall was insane. It was the bussiest my little business has ever been, and for that I am so incredibly grateful. But- I STILL have images and sessions that I never got around to blogging (gasp!). There's this weird thing with having a blog that I'm pretty sure EVERYONE that has a blog can relate to--If you aren't blogging regularly, it looks like you're not busy. But in reality, If you're not blogging, its because you're SO BUSY. I digress.

ANYWAAAAY--Let's talk about Kaylynn and Kyle. Ugh. They are so cute together. Kaylynn was one of those people that you meet in life and you know immediately, I could be friends with this girl. And Kyle? So nice. He's kind, and polite, and just....good. AND THEYRE GETTING MARRIED NEXT WEEKEND. AND I HAVENT SHARED THEIR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS ON THE BLOG. So that's what today is for. Kaylynn and Kyle, I can't wait to photograph your wedding next weekend. I know its going to be an absolute DREAM and I am so happy and excited for y'all. Also, Kaylynn,  I'm excited for you to officially join the #ANOwivesclub (thats not actually a real thing, I just made that up because I wish I was part of a club). So without further ado, here are their adorable fall engagement photos.