Kaylynn + Kyle Taylor: Clarksville, AR Wedding at The Barn at Sleepy Hollow

Kaylynn and Kyle are married, and I am SO excited to be showing off their wedding photos today! They were married on February 11th, and it was an unbelievably warm, 82 degree day! Their wedding seriously could not have been any better. They were surrounded by everyone they love, and you really could feel the enthusiasm and the love FOR them in the air.

I wanted to write a really sweet summary of Kaylynn and Kyle's love story to share with everyone on the blog today, but Kaylynn worded their story so simply and beautifully, and I really felt both of their personalities shined through her words so well that I'm actually going to share her EXACT words here. Because honestly, who could possibly tell their love story better than the bride her self?

Kyle and I met during our junior year at Russellville High School. We were both placed in 7th period honors CBA with Mrs. Magness. Since we were the only juniors in a class full of sophomores, it was decided that we would sit by one another on the far side of the classroom. In the beginning I remember him being a total sweetheart, but also incredibly annoying. He would always pester me to do my work and stay on task while I was only interested in napping and leaving school early. He drove me insane! Everyone in the class joked that Kyle and I would end up getting married. I remember thinking they were crazy, and adamantly telling everyone he was just my friend. We officially started dating in June of 2012 while we were both at ATU, and have been inseparable ever since.
Here we are, a few months shy of 5 years later, and that same sweet, stubborn boy is my husband! He still drives me insane, just like he did back then, but in the best way possible.
— Kaylynn Taylor