Mrs & Mrs Patterson: The Wedding | The Barn at The Springs | Springdale, Arkansas

There is something so humbling about telling people, and especially clients, the complete and honest truth- especially when that involves a little hesitation on my end, and giving them an opportunity to gracefully walk away from me, and having them say, "No, we want you" despite it all. When I first met Cass and Amy, I let them know that I had never photographed a same-sex couple, and while I have no personal issues with their relationship, I was a little nervous about what, and if any, negative impacts it would have on my business. That may sound really harsh, but the reality is, Arkansas is fighting like crazy to repeal the legalization of same sex marriages in our state, so my fears were based 100% in what other people would think. So, once I got to know these two amazing people, the worry of what others would say and think literally vanished almost immediately. 

Cass and Amy are seriously some of my very favorite clients, EVER. Amy is as sweet as she can be, Cass is HILARIOUS, and they both made my job an absolute breeze. Their wedding day was completely perfect, and I am so honored to have been chosen to document their wedding day. I wish these two nothing but years and years of happiness!