Glamorous New Years Eve Wedding | The Silos | Jonesboro, Arkansas


Let me paint a picture for you: its was rainy, gray, cold, gloomy, and just generally a very dreary looking day. Did that stop anyone from making THE absolute most of this BEAUTIFUL New Year's Eve wedding? No. No it did not.  

To start the day off, almost as soon as I arrived at The Silos, Joylyn found a Golden Beer can. Do you know what that means?!? I looked it up just to be sure: 

Each week, we’re giving one fan season tickets to your favorite team’s home games for 2017. Then, in January, one fan will win Super Bowl tickets FOR LIFE.


So anyway- The entire day was so perfect. And I really do mean that. Everything went so smoothly, everyone was so happy and laid back, there really were no "hiccups", which TRUST ME, thats huge. The bridesmaids were all so lovely and sweet and helpful. The groomsmen were behaved and gentlemanly. The reception was basically a massive party full of black and gold and silver elements that sparkled everywhere you looked. The food was OVER THE TOP, AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. In case y'all don't get the picture, Ive posted several of my favorites below (see what I did there??)

Joylyn and Connor, I wish you two so much love and happiness, and thank you again for letting me document such an important part of your lives.