Newborn Photos: Kamryn

When I get to Heaven, I will be completely surrounded by babies. Like, right in the middle of one big giant puddle of babies. Now that might sound a little creepy, but its not! I just love them. They are so sweet, and precious, and that new baby smell...there's just nothing quite as miraculous as a newborn, and baby Kamryn was no exception. She is tiny, beautiful, and I just know God has big plans for her life. 

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Kamryn was sound asleep when I got there and played along so well as I undressed her, rearranged her, wrapped her up and rearranged her some more. 

As sweet as Kamryn was, she didn't sleep quite as long as I would have liked her to. In the end it worked out just fine and we were able to get some photos of her beautiful eyes while she was wide awake and very alert.