Its less about what you see, and more about how you see it.


wife. mother. food enthusiast. lover of all things pretty.

I love food. Spicy food, Italian food, CHOCOLATE, and cheese. I'm also addicted to coffee and completely unashamed of that. I'm married to my best friend, Stephen, and marrying him was the best decision I've ever made. We have three kids, Riley, Hazel, and Bear, and they keep us on our toes, and make life worth living. I like to travel to warm places, hate working out, and am always up for a new adventure.

They say that if you choose a job you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life....and I couldn't agree more. I'll never grow tired of capturing photos of mothers and their babies, or a young couple in love. Photographing weddings in particular has become a real passion of mine, and I strive to push myself to get better everyday. There is something so special about being able to freeze a moment of someone's life, turn it into art, and enable them to tangibly hold on to that moment forever. I consider my style of photography to be joyful, light-filled, and classic.

Please take a look around my site and if you'd like to chat over coffee (again, addicted), drop me a quick email and I'd love to get to know you, hear all about your upcoming wedding, and start planning a way to get you the most artful memories of your life.



Things I’m Loving Lately:

  • Film Photography- I have recently discovered a love of ‘old school’ film photography and I am OBSESSED. There is just something about the texture of the images that is just so dreamy and unlike anything digital photography can offer, PLUS the colors are just incredible!

  • Sweater Weather

  • All my favorite fall tv shows that are finally starting back up!

  • Outdoor Weddings

  • Organic, garden-style bouquets

  • Traveling for any reason at- business or pleasure I’m always ready to go!

  • Goey, cheesy casseroles

  • My kids’ school plays, parties, and jr. high band concerts


Recent Work